Technical guidance on anti-seepage geomembrane installation for fish breeding


Technical Guidance on Anti-seepage Geomembrane Installation for Fish Breeding

Today's quality is tomorrow's market, Jiantong, as the anti-seepage membrane manufacturer, continues to make progress in growth, and thrives in progress.


Technical guidance for breeding selection of anti-seepage geomembrane (HDPE geomembrane)

Technical guidance of breeding anti-seepage geomembrane

Today, HDPE geomembrane is widely used in various engineering fields. Why would we say that using fish pond geomembrane is environmentally friendly and healthy? Its good anti-seepage performance and excellent performance can limit the protection of groundwater resources from pollution. In fact, HDPE geomembrane and other fish pond geomembrane are more and more used in aquaculture fields such as fish ponds. 

Compared with other materials, HDPE fish pond geomembrane has the advantages of water quality stability, improving oxygen content and saving maintenance costs.


Manufacturers are invincible in the geotechnical industry. Jiantong adheres to the principle of quality first. Every employee of Jiantong Factory can do: "Quality is in my heart, standards are in my mind, and technology is in my hands."


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