Jiantong Tells You How to Use Composite Geomembrane Correctly?


 Jiantong Tells You How to Use Composite Geomembrane Correctly?

Composite geomembrane is a composite membrane composed of geotextile and geomembrane pressed together by rolling.

The geotextiles are used as the protective layer of the membrane to protect the impermeable layer from damage. In order to reduce the ultraviolet radiation and increase the anti-aging function, the buried method is used for laying. During construction, firstly use sand or clay with a smaller diameter to level the base surface, and then pave it.


Don't stretch the composite geomembrane too tightly, and the part buried in the soil at both ends is corrugated. Use fine sand or clay to spread a transition layer of about 10cm on the spread geomembrane. During construction, try to prevent stones from directly hitting the membrane, and construct the protective layer while laying the membrane. The joints should be coated with emulsified asphalt to prevent leakage.


Compared with traditional geotextiles and geomembranes, composite geomembranes increase product stability, save engineering time, and reduce engineering costs, and have significant generalized benefits; long durability and good aging resistance; water pressure and corrosion resistance , high strength, abrasion resistance, low temperature resistance, good surface drainage function, anti-seepage effect; have common heat preservation, moisturizing, anti-frost and anti-freezing effects.


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