geomembrane liner

  • EVA Geomembrane

    EVA geomembrane is also named as EVA Geosynthetics , which are made from virgin resin through special formula, and have the characteristics of waterproof and anti-leakage property. In addition to waterproof and impermeable functions, EVA geomembrane are also excellent in fireproof performance.

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    Composite Geomembrane for water conveyance, containment

    The new-type composite geomembrane is made of high quality synthetic short fiber non-woven geotextile and high quality plastic film by thermal bonding. This composite geomembrane product has multiple layer structures, for example, the one-layer geotextile and one-layer geomembrane, two-layer geotextile and one-layer membrane, etc. And it has the advantages of good anti-seepage performance and tensile, burst strength, and high peel strength.

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  • Geomembrane Liner

    Geomembrane liners are also known as waterproof film product used in civil engineering project, such as solid waste containment (landfill liners), mining and water containment applications. Geomembrane liners own excellent temperature adaptability, and property of welding, weather resistance and erosion resistance

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  • Geomembrane Liners with High Strength

    Geomembrane liners are a kind of new anti-seepage materials, and have excellent temperature adaptability, weldability, weather resistance and good ageing resistance, chemical resistance, environmental stress crack resistance and puncture resistance. Therefore, geomembrane liners are particularly suitable for being used as the anti-leakage materials in roof waterproof, underground engineering, mining engineering, landfills, sewage or waste treatment projects.

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  • Geomembrane Liners With Membrane Between Two Pieces Of Geotextile

    Geomembrane liners are called as impervious membranes, and have the features of good wear resistance and high strength. Geomembrane liners' rolling, hot melting and coating production process maintain good mechanical properties, and also makes the thickness of the composite product film uniform.

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  • Geomembrane Liners With Geotextile Between Two Pieces Of Membrane

    Geomembrane liners is the product made of non-woven geotextile and membrane, and has the features of good flexibility, the functions of isolation, drainage, reinforcement, protection, and leakage proof. Through the rolling, hot melting and coating production process, composite geomembrane liners maintain good mechanical properties, and also makes the thickness of the composite geomembrane uniform. Geomembrane liners is the ideal product for the projects of dam, traffic tunnel, road, airport and environment protection.

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