the application of pond liner in landfill project in Shanxi Province


Jiantong Geomembrane Installed in the Large-scale Landfills Project

Before laying the geomembrane, the corresponding acceptance certificate of civil engineering shall be provided.

Before cutting the geomembrane, the relevant dimensions should be accurately measured and then cut according to the actual situation. Generally, it is not suitable to cut according to the size shown in the figure. It should be numbered one by one and recorded in detail on the special form.

When laying the geomembrane, the welds should be less, and the raw materials should be saved as much as possible while ensuring the quality. It is also easy to guarantee quality.

The overlap width of the seam between the film and the film is generally not less than 10cm, and usually the welding seam arrangement direction is parallel to a larger slope, that is, arranged along the slope direction.

Usually in the corners and deformed sections, the length of the joints should be as short as possible. Except for special requirements, as long as there is no welding seam on slopes with a slope greater than 1: 6 within 1.5 meters from the top slope or stress concentration area.


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